How to Download and Install Google Chrome? 4 Steps

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Technical support for “Download and installation of Google Chrome”

Have you faced difficulty in downloading and installation of your Google Chrome? No worry! Here we are suggesting you some easy steps maybe these are helpful for you. Follow the below given steps to install Google Chrome on your computer:

  1. Download the installation file
  2. If necessary click on “Run” or “Save”
  3. If you select “Save”, then open the installation file to start the procedure. Inevitably it will bring in the settings of your home page and browser history
  4. Google Chrome starts.

1- On Windows 7 / Vista / XP: browser window will open when installation is complete.

2- On Windows 8: A welcome dialog box comes into view. Click Next to pick your default browser. If you opt Google Chrome, the browser will open like an application for Windows 8 on the home display.

Google Chrome Technical Support Phone Number

Contact to Chrome Technical Support by dialing Google Chrome Technical Support Phone Number if you are still facing the issues with Google Chrome or in above steps.


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