How to Switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox: 7 Steps

At whatever point we purchase or utilize another PC and introduce Windows Operating System in it, we get Internet Explorer as the default web program. Web Explorer has exceptionally fundamental components, which have a tendency to get monotonous and exhausting after at some point.

How to Switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox

For any individual who needs speedier and bother free web perusing knowledge, Internet Explorer could be troublesome once in a while. So it is basic for some clients to search for a superior web program like Mozilla Firefox. On the off chance that you are looking for an approach to change from Internet Explore to Mozilla Firefox, you can either counsel the specialists of Internet Explorer Technical Support Number or read the accompanying directions.

How to Switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox

  • Visit the official website of Mozilla Firefox and download the latest version of the software.
  • Once the installer is downloaded, run the program and wait for the installation process to finish, which should take only few minutes.
  • When the programmed will be installed, a desktop shortcut will be created. Double-click on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut icon from desktop.
  • When you will open the application for the first time, it will ask you if you want to import your favorites and settings from Internet Explorer. If you decide to keep the old settings, then choose to import them.
  • Firefox may give you a familiar look of Internet Explorer. However you can choose from different skins of Firefox and use anyone of them.
  • You may note that there is no favorite button on Mozilla Firefox screen. But you will find all the imported favorites under bookmarks. You can also choose to set a bookmark by clicking on the star, situated next to the address bar.
  • Also keep in mind that when you switch to Firefox from Internet Explorer or some other browser, you have to reinstall all your Toolbar, Plug-Ins and extension.

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Ideally you will have the capacity to change from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox utilizing these simple strides. You can likewise counsel the Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Number specialists of Browser Tech for any issues with respect to Mozilla Firefox


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