Setting up Sync Between Computer and Mozilla Firefox

Since Mozilla Firefox is available across various platforms, users want it synchronized on their different devices. If you are using a desktop Laptop and a mobile, it will be really handy to synchronize Mozilla Firefox on these devices. Synchronization helps you in sharing your bookmarks, history and other settings.

Setting up Sync Between Computer and Mozilla Firefox

Read further to learn how to synchronize your various devices with the help of Firefox Sync. You can also contact the experts of our Mozilla Firefox Technical Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Open the Mozilla Firefox

You will need to set up the first device. For this open Firefox by clicking on the browser icon on your desktop.

Select Sync

In the application window, click on Tools in the menu bar, that is located at the upper part of the window. Now select “Options” and click on Sync.

Choose Manage in the account

Enter your name and password to sign in your Firefox account. In case you don’t have a Firefox account, you will need to create a new account in the sync. After entering in the Sync window, click on Manage. Clicking on this option will launch the Options window again where you can start managing your information.

Set up the Device

On the Options window, you have the freedom to choose what browser information you would like to share between the devices. Also choose a name for your device. Click OK to save the settings.

Open Firefox in your other Device

Now launch Mozilla Firefox application in your mobile or tablet and Computer that you want to sync. In the browser menu, go to the Settings options and select Sync. This will give you a 9-12 character code.

Go back to the first device and sync

Go back to the first device and locate Sync tab. select “Add a Device” option and enter the alphanumeric code you received from the second device. Now click on Finish option to complete the synchronization.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number
After doing these steps you will be able to use Firefox sync to synchronize your devices. For any query or issue regarding Mozilla Firefox, contact our 1-800-240-2551 Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number.


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