Steps How to Create a Web Browser

Well, there are wide number of  Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome that can be easily be downloaded and installed in the computer for free. So, a web browser creation allows a user to have more control over how they want to browse the Internet.

Browser Customer Support

Developing a customized web browser not only decides on how the browser will appear but also adds customized buttons and traits. According to the research conducted by top expert professionals of Browser Technical Support team, Visual Basic is the best programming tool used to create a Web Browser on the Windows operating system.

Below are the steps described How to Create a Web Browser?

  • Install the Visual Basic on the computer either by downloading the software from the Visual Basic Developer Center website or by using an installation disk.
  • Next, run Visual Basic software and start creating a new project by tapping on the File menu and clicking on the “New Project” option.
  • Browse over the “Text” option and then select the “Web Browser” in the form page which will appear in the screen.
  • Navigate to the “View” option which is located right in the top menu bar, browse the “Other Windows” menu and then click on the “Toolbox” option
  • You are required to double-click on the Web browser tool which is given in the toolbox.
  • Press the right arrow icon which is showing up on the top-right section of the form and then click on “Undock in Parent Container” tab. The step is guided by a team of Browser Technical Support Phone Number.
  • Resize the web browser form to the desired size as required by you by using the clickable outline around it.
  • Set the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) property to a website address which you wish to visit later on
  • Next, create a new button and then assign the needed properties to it.
  • Then, trigger the button by simply double-clicking on it.
  • Next, you are required to test the button by simply clicking on it.
  • Selection of the Textbox tool from the toolbox is essential to process.
  • Drag the TextBox tool and then simply drop it on the customized web browser form which you are presently creating.
  • Name your text box as “addressTxt” name
  • Go back to the button which you have created just now and replace the URL with “addressTxt.Text” option.
  • Test the address bar to visit various other websites.
  • At last, save the web browser which you have created recently as software by selecting the save option which is located in the File menu.

Browser Customer Support

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